Susie's Supper Club

I know how hard it can be to get your whole family around the table at dinnertime. I am a working mother with twin girls, and my husband and I are both small business owners. Before I started my own family, I was a caterer, and then I worked for several years as a private chef for a family with small children. During my time as a family chef, I learned how important it is to create wholesome dishes that both children and adults will like.

My daily goal was simple: a nutritious dinner that appealed to everyone at the table. That task proved a challenge, but it was one I approached with gusto.

Eventually I partnered with that family to create Susie's Supper Club. We wanted to share our experience and discoveries with others by providing solutions to families grappling with how to sit down, together, to a wholesome dinner. For two years, we operated a meal-delivery service in New York. Our success encouraged us to expand our reach. We have now launched a line of frozen food products (our four top sellers, all included here) in retail grocery stores.

With this book, I hope to continue sharing what I've leared by showing you how easy and fun it is to make these meals at home. My motto is "No fear! It's simply supper." Try the recipes and you'll surprise your family - and maybe even yourself - with just how delightful and delicious home-cooked meals can be.

— Susie Cover

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The Supper Club cookbook